Licensed Luxury Boarding for Cats

License holder: Lynne Bull (20/01846/ANIMAL)
License Expired!

Barnside: the home of Tannu

Barnside is not only home to many visiting cats throughout the year, it is also the home of two champion British Shorthairs:

  • Fentiger Goodwill Hunting (affectionately known as William)
  • Tannu Newday Dawning (otherwise known as Evie)

Visitors will often see a number of kittens around the place - all potential champions of the future - for this is where they are bred.

We are through and through "cat people" and that is why people entrust their cats to us. They know their pets really are in the best hands.

If you are searching for a pedigree kitten, why not visit the Tannu website where you will find more information.

Photograph of William UK Grand Champion

Fentiger Goodwill Hunting
British Tipped Shorthair

Tannu Newday Dawning
British Blue Shorthair
Born 1st January 2001 (01.01.01)
Photograph of Evie
Photograph of William William with his awards
Some of William's kittens Photograph of William's kittens

All the above photographs are reproduced by kind permission of the photographer:
Copyright © Alan Robinson, Lark Studios, Thornborough, Bedale, North Yorkshire.