Licensed Luxury Boarding for Cats

License holder: Lynne Bull (20/01846/ANIMAL)
License Expired!

Residential cat accommodation

Feline accommodationApartments fit for a cat

All our guests are accommodated in their own spacious custom-built chalets; each fully lined and warmly insulated.

When required, the chalets can be individually heated to ensure that no residents are troubled by inclement weather.

Each chalet has its own protected safety run with magnificent views across the garden.


We provide all bedding, together with en-suite toilet litter, but guests can bring their own blanket, cushion or familiar rug from home if it helps them to settle in better at the beginning of their stay.

Accommodation runFeeding Regime

On arrival, details of what food is being used at home is recorded and we aim to continue with this regime.
If a prescription food is required then we ask that you bring with you sufficient for the stay.
For cats that “eat anything” we offer Iams lamb, Purina or Whiskas biscuit for nibbling on throughout the day and sachets of Felix, Whiskas, Sheba etc.
We feed in the morning and evening, unless more frequent times are required.
We do not allow raw food to be used under any circumstances, due to possible contamination risks.
Frozen, cooked meat or fish can be supplied as we have suitable storage facilities.

Individual cat accommodationWithin the Cattery

All new guests (and their owners) are encouraged to inspect the premises before they book their holiday. Visitors are always welcome, preferably during opening hours.

New Guests

Please bear in mind that being confined in strange surroundings may be a little frightening at first.

Most cats are nervous when strangers are around so we ask parents to keep their children under control while they are in the grounds and we request that they do not run around or touch any cats other than their own.

Owner's Risk

Although we do everything possible to ensure that our guests enjoy a safe and happy stay with us, we can only accept them at the owner's own risk.


Please allow adequate time for us to reach the telephone as we may be working in the chalets. An answering machine is sometimes in use during these periods.


For customers without transport, collection and delivery is available within a 30 mile radius for a modest charge. Please ask when booking.